Do I need a bassinet ? Necessity or Luxury ?


You’re about to become parents ? Congratulations, by the way! A lot of new and exciting things are going to happen, and you’ll enjoy them, even though you’ll be worried and concerned about some things. You may also be looking for: Do I really need a bassinet? Where will the precious little one sleep?

What is a bassinet? The cot is a small, cozy sleeping space made just for newborns and little infants. You can put it next to your bed; it helps to check on the baby at night and enhances your bond with your child.

There are numerous options. In this article, we will talk about everything you desire to know and help you decide; is bassinet necessary for your baby or not.


Why use a bassinet?

It’s very helpful for newborns, so you can avoid waiting until the baby is a certain age or weight. Most importantly, it will definitely help you to monitor baby, which is very supporting in the early months.

Most of the time, bassinets are less costly than full-sized cribs, which makes a good and applealing choice for parents who want to save money. 

Types of Bassinet

There are different types of baby bassinets, each made to satisfy the requirements and preferences of parents. Here’s a more detailed breakdown of the types that help to decide on do you need a bassinet ? 

Folding Bassinet

For parents who don’t have a lot of space, a folding one is a small, easy-to-take possibility. This adjustable option is easy to fold up and store when not in use or when your baby is grown up. It is a good choice for you if you are always on the go and want to have a comfortable place to sleep wherever you go.


Portable bassinet

As portable bassinets are made with wheels, they are easy to move around and can be easily packed into your car or luggage. This is a useful and space-saving option for you with an active lifestyle.


Traditional Bassinet

If you cherish a touch of tradition in your baby’s early experiences, this is the best choice for you.


They are captivated by their time-less classic style, solid structure, and secure, safe resting place for your beloved newborn. wonderful blend of traditional design as well as practicality. 

Co-Sleeper Bassinet

They have been strategically created to attach easily to the side of your bed. This allows you to sleep close together at night. This makes it easy to get care at night while keeping a cozy intimacy that boosts the association with the baby. 


Also, ensure a peaceful night; you don’t need to step out of bed to check on your baby.3 in 1 is the best bassinet crib available in the market that is easily convertible.

Rocking bassinet

You need a bassinet that makes your baby sleep instantly, so these bassinets are designed cleverly to rock your baby to sleep and add an enchanted aspect that makes them feel calm. You can rock your baby to sleep in one of these bassinets. Its calm motion will put your baby to sleep. 


The regular motion makes your baby feel like they are being held in your arms, which makes them feel safe and calm while they sleep.The perfect solution for you is that if you deal with the challenge of getting their baby to sleep, bedtime will be more mangeable for you. Some 5 in 1 pack have the option to be used as a chair when your child is grown up.

Hammock bassinet

Baby sleep improvements include hammock bassinets. They swing gently from a frame or ceiling, like being cradled. This natural swing creates a unique and relaxing sleep environment for your baby.


Moses baskets

Moses baskets are portable and lightweight solutions for you. These woven or cloth bassinets provide a comfortable and safe environment for your baby to sleep in while being easily portable in your house.



You can always keep your child close with it’s lightweight style. You don’t need to leave your baby in a room all alone.

Bassinet strollers

These strollers are a combination of a bassinet with a stroller for easy carriage of your sleeping infant. Is a bassinet necessary for stroller? These strollers include an adjustable bassinet that securely connects to a sturdy wheeled frame to make your baby sleep comfortably while moving. It’s important to note that bassinet strollers can be on the pricier side.



  • Convenient and keeps your baby close.
  • Portable.
  • Small footprint.
  • Aesthetics 
  • Travel-Friendly 
  • Space-Saving 
  • Proximity (parent-child bond)
  • Suitable for night sleep and naps.


  • Non-Room Sharing Parent Plans
  • Short lifespan.
  • Some models can be expensive.
  • Adds to the number of baby gear items.
  • Inconvenient for Multiple Babies
  • Weight Limit 
  • Potential for Tipping

Guidelines on Purchasing a Bassinet:

Observe these guidelines for infant safety to choose an appropriate one:

  • Padding should not be more than 1.5 inches thick to avoid sophocation 
  • walls, which provide both visibility and airflow. 
  • They must be at least 10 inches deep to prevent falling.
  • Sturdy and stable legs and stands
  • Be aware of the bassinet’s weight limit.
  • Regularly inspect the bassinet for wear and tear, loose parts, or any signs of damage


So do I really need a bassinet for my baby ?

All totally up to your choice and preference, you can skip if : 

  1. You have minimum space 
  2. You are not going to share room with baby
  3. Your baby is addressed with a specialized sleep solution due to medical or developmental needs
  4. cribs can be adjusted to accommodate your baby as they grow
  5. child-accessible sleeping environment like floor-bed
  6. Want to save money?

Ultimately, put your baby’s comfort, wellness, and joy at top priority.

Bassinet alternatives:

If you are going to skip bassinet, then you can consider these alternatives:



  1. What is bassinet in flight?

In flight is a special bed for babies that are available on airplanes. It is connected to the bulkhead or cabin wall and lets babies sleep during the flight, making the trip more relaxing for both parents and babies.

  1. Do i need a bassinet for my pram? 

A bassinet for your pram depends on your choices and budget, but it adds comfort and adaptability for you and your baby on journeys.

  1. What are some limitations of using a bassinet?

Bassinets have weight limits and are suitable for the first few months of your baby’s life, usually until they reach around 25 pounds. 

  1. What bedding do I need for a bassinet?

Bassinets typically come with their bedding. However, you can replace it if needed while adhering to safety standards.